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      Carplan Cdc101 Demon Clean 1L

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      Carplan Cdc101 Demon Clean 1L
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      Carplan Cdc101 Demon Clean 1L

      CarPlan CDC101 Demon Clean 1L

      Want the best showroom finish for your car in a fraction of the timeLet the Demon do the work. An interior & exterior cleaner that leaves surfaces squeaky clean. Try... You'll love it! Interior - Suitable for use on hard surfaces. Effectively removes dirt and grease from windows, dashboards and plastic trim, leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance. Exterior - Use on all plastic and trim surfaces to remove dirt and grime.



      • Suitable on Cars, 4x4s, Bikes, Quad Bikes & Boats
      • Powerful interior and exterior cleaner
      • Active super cleaner
      • Ease of application



      Shake the bottle well before use. Spray sparingly onto surface and wipe over with a soft cloth. Polish off with a soft, clean cloth.