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      Carplan Demon Machine 1Ltr

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      Carplan Demon Machine 1Ltr
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      Carplan Demon Machine 1Ltr


      Want the best showroom finish for your car in a fraction of the timeLet the Demon do the work! CarPlan Demon Machine dissolves muck... right off! Simply spray all over your vehicle before washing to dissolve grease, road grime, bird lime and tree sap.



      • Easy to use application 
      • Can be used on vehicle paintwork, glass, plastic and chrome
      • Suitable for 4x4s, Bikes & Quad Bikes



      Shake bottle well. Spray directly onto heavy soils and stains or any heavy grime. Allow the product to dissolve soils and stains for up to 5 minutes. Agitate heavy stains with a brush, sponge or cloth. Rinse using cold water. Repeat application if necessary. Wash the vehicle as normal with Demon Wash Snow Foam Shampoo for a sparkling shine.