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PRESS RELEASE: Scuderia Irish Auto Parts reveal IAPF12020

Scuderia Irish Auto Parts reveal IAPF12020

irishautoparts 2020 f1 car

Its been a long time since Ireland was represented on the formula one grid and while anticipation for the new F1 season has ramped up with car launches from Ferrari, Haas, Mercedes, Renault and McLaren before the start of pre-season testing in Barcelona, nobody expected the arrival of the new independent team from the emerald Isle!

Scuderia Irish Auto Parts took the covers off their IAPF12020 in the grand setting of Tallaght, with a subsequent reveal in the Finglas and Ballyfermot Motorfactors. The IAPF12020 has a dramatic green and white colour scheme, and the new machine was launched as part of an extravagant event in the carparks outside each shop featuring a local DJ playing a few choons.

The new 2020 F1 championship challenger from Ireland was trailoered between each venue behind a Hiace, proving how the team has spared no expense in their race for glory. Irish racing fans can get behind the IAPF12020 F1 championship challengers using hashtags #coybig #boyzingreen #iapf12020 #godeladz

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