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In Ireland, garages are regarded as ‘essential businesses’ - as is the associated supply chain.

Here in Irish Auto Parts, we have seen a change in the types of products purchased in the last few weeks. As the Covid-19 crisis has unfolded, we have seen an increase in demand from for essential items such as cleaning products including cleaners, sanitisers and wipes

This is a list of some of these product categories that have increased in the last few weeks, compared to what we normally sell. We still have these in stock now.

All of these are offered at the standard retail price – no different to a month ago.

Hand Cleaner and Gloves

  •          Granville Hand Cleaners
  •          Permatex Hand Cleaners and Gloves
  •          Polyco technical and disposable gloves, bags and workwear
  •          Tetrosyl gloves
  •          Tiger grip gloves


  •          Blue Centrefeed rolls made of tissue paper used for hand drying, mopping spills and wiping.
  •          Black sacks
  •          Floor mats
  •          Wipes

Workshop Consumables

  •          Cleaners
  •          Degreasers
  •          Brake cleaners
  •          Brands include Liqui Moly, Carplan, Mannoil, Tetrosyl

Car interior cleaning and sanitising

  •          Air conditioning cleaning and sanitising systems, for example Climpur
  •          Antibacterial cabin filters
  •          Removable Seat covers that can disinfected
  •          Brands include Liqui Moly, Carplan, Turtlewax

One the most note-worthy new trends is green cleaning using de-ionised water.

Irish Auto Parts have De-Ionised water from Carplan. Using deionised water to clean with is relatively. When it comes to cleaning, deionised water is considered environmentally friendly, due to its purity, efficient in removing heavy metals, solid particles, and it kills bacteria and viruses.


Thanks for your custom - and stay safe.

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