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      Carplan Demon Fabric 1Ltr

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      Carplan Demon Fabric 1Ltr
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      Carplan Demon Fabric 1Ltr


      Want the best showroom finish for your car in a fraction of the timeLet the Demon do the work. A fabric cleaner to remove tough dirt and grime from all seats, roof lining and trim panels. CarPlan Demon Fabrics fast-acting formula penetrates and lifts the first and grime whilst leaving a fresh linen fragrance that helps mask stale odours caused by food, tobacco and pets etc.



      • FAST acting formula
      • Fast, effective and effortless cleaning
      • Leaves your car smelling clean and fresh!



      Vacuum fabric or carpet area first. Shake bottle well before use and apply generously over the area to be treated. Whilst wet, work the product into the fabric with a sponge or brush. Apply multi-directional pressure over the entire area. Wipe over the area with a clean, damp sponge or cloth, rinsing frequently in water. If the area is badly stained, repeat the process. To assist in drying, allow for good ventilation, particularly on seats.